UPI only accepts papers written in Chinese, please read the “Instructions for Authors” and “Requirements on Content", otherwise it will affect the recruitment of papers.


Instructions for Authors

Copyright Statement

1 The writer is responsible for the consequences of this paper. The editorial department has the right to modify the text, language and other editorial aspects.

2 When submitting papers to UPI, the authors should guarantee that the paper did not publicized on newspapers, periodicals and other paper medias and without duplicated submissions.

3 The author shall ensure that the research findings described in the paper are the original achievements of himself/herself or the whole research team, except for cites and references within the scope of the law (the paper should cite references). The paper does not contain any research findings of other people who have the intellectual property rights, without any infringement of other people's intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests, and the paper does not leak state secrets or other violations of laws and regulations.

4 If there are any intellectual violations such as duplicated submissions, plagiarism or no indication of reference, we would not accept the submission from main authors of this paper anymore.

5 Unless stated, the papers published on UPI are considered to authorize the author's exclusive rights to UPI, without any objection on publishing the papers via other methods such as electronic journal, online version, and related derivative publications by UPI. Without the consent of UPI, the full text of the paper shall not be reproduced on other paper medias or websites.

Publication Arrangement

1 Please submit the paper via online system on www.upi-planning.org after registration. An e-mail will sent to the correspondent authors immediately after receiving the paper, informs the receiving number, and the paper will be reviewed by the editorial board, relevant experts and scholars. The author can check the status of the paper on the platform or by telephone inquiries.

2 Do not submit the paper to other publications until you receive notice of UPI. Often, the author will be notified within 3 months after submission. If the author has special request, please contact the editorial department in time.

3 If the paper is indicated as “modification", please make sure to return the revised draft within 2 months. If the paper is indicated as “major modification”, please make sure to return the revised draft within 3 months. If you have special reasons that cannot return the draft on schedule, but still want to continue to modify the paper, please inform the editorial department to apply for an extension, otherwise it is regarded as a voluntary withdrawal of submission.

4 UPI will publish papers according to unified plan, not entirely to the submission orders.

5 After the publication of the paper, each author will get 2 copies of journals.

Format Requirement

1 The paper should use word format, 5 font of times new roman for English; the figures must use JPG (or PSD) format, the resolution should be no less than 300dpi. 

2 The paper should include Chinese and English title, abstract, keyword, author information, and reference.

3 The author information includes name, degree, work unit, title, telephone, postal address and e-mail. Before the finalization of the editing process, if you want to increase or decrease the authors or change the order of authorship, all authors should issue a joint consent paper; after the finalization of the editing process, the authors shall not be increased or decreased, but if you want to change the order of authorship, all authors should issue a joint consent paper.

4 The funded papers should be noted, the format is: name (number).

5 The recommended length of the paper: theoretical research and review 6000 ~ 10 000 words; comment 3000 ~ 5000 words.

6 The length of abstract is about 350 words, including research significance, methods, and conclusion. The key words should be 3 to 8. The Chinese abstract should be translated into literal English.

7 The serial number of text is 1 → 1.1 → 1.1.1 ... 1.2 → 1.2.1 ... ... 2 → 2.1 → 2.2…. The section division is generally no more than 4 levels. Introduction or preface needs no serial number.

8 All figures and tables are numbered and indicate the numbers in the corresponding position of the text, and the source should be indicated as well. The figures should be accurate and clear, and the text is concise and complete.

9 The names of foreign places, institutions and terms should be given the Chinese translation; in its first appearance, it should be in the Chinese version with the parentheses behind the original text.

10 UPI use sequential coding system for the reference, which is cited in the order of the serial number (the same reference does not repeat the number), and the reference quoted in the text shall put on the upper right corner with square brackets. Please refer to the "Guidelines for the References" provided on our website.


Requirements on Content

The paper should cover urban & rural planning topics and relevant disciplines, focusing on the scope of urban and rural planning. On this basis, UPI accepts our categories of papers:

(1) The original paper on the theory and method from international vision;

(2)Comment and (comparative) research paper on the Chinese and foreign theories and practices from international perspective;

(3) Review of the latest or important theories, methods and practices home and abroad;

(4) Comment on internationally influential books or interview with important figures;

UPI welcomes the following topics:

(1) Innovative topics;

(2) Topics of great significance;

(3) Forward-looking topics;

(4) Topics related to major (basic) issues of this field.

General Requirements:

The paper should have novel topics, rigorous structure and analysis, and clear discourse. The important content involved in the paper should have comprehensive, informative and in-depth background.


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