DOI: 10.19830/j.upi.2019.670
Inspirations from the Deployment and Development Experiences of the Community-based Elderly Facilities in Japan for China

Ito Masuteru, Zhou Yanmin, Qin Ling

Keywords: Facility Deployment; Community-based; Aging in Place; Flexible Standard; Diversified Elderly Care Services


Planning and developing elderly facilities is being an urgent task for aging China. However, due to the facts such as part of the related key concepts have not been clearly unified, the systematic deployment of facilities is still on the processing way, and the standards are not flexible enough, etc., reaching the target number of beds turns to a priority during the process of development, while ignoring the actual care needs of the elderly. Mismatches between facility-supply and service-demand are shown in communities nationwide. As the first country to enter the super-aging society in the world, Japan has been building a community-based care system since 2006. In the planning of facility deployment, a new type of facility system, with the key feature of community-based and a small-scale is setup independently from the original system. It brings more flexibility to the deployment of facilities by combining the two systems, aiming at building up a close relationship between the elderly and care services in a community. The penetration of facilities in existing communities has been realized by promoting the small scale facility system. Based on official open data of Japan, this study sorts out the deployment and development status of the community-based elderly facilities in Japan, and points out that this planning measure is the key for Japan to achieve the concept of “aging in place”. Based on the experiences, it proposes inspirations such as to improve the facility system, to determine the construction indicators and scale of facilities, as well as to give full play of facility area synergy, which will be useful for China on developing an efficiently care-service system.


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