DOI: 10.19830/j.upi.2020.328
Endogenous Development Oriented Activation of the Spatial Potentials in Rural Area: A Case Study of MELAP, Baden-Württemberg in Germany

Kerstin Gothe, Jiang Wei, Ding Yuxin

Keywords: Endogenous Development; Rural Area; Baden-Württemberg; MELAP; Michelbach


Compared with the shrinking areas represented by the eastern Germany, the economic distribution of small towns and rural areas in Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany is relatively reasonable. However, it is still facing new trends and challenges such as aging of population, restructuring of economic, vacancy of village centers, low utilization of traditional infrastructure and reduced quality of life. This has led to corresponding changes in existing policy provisions, and has spawned new strategic measures. In order to response to the new problems of rural development, the Ministry of Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg has launched a demonstration project called “MELAP” (Modellprojekt zur Eind?mmung des Landschaftsverbrauchs durch Aktivierung des inner?rtlichen Potenzials) in recent years, which means to reduce land consumption by activating brownfield development. This project aims to attract local residents to return, improve the quality of life in villages and towns and stimulate the sustainable development through revitalizing the centres of villages and towns. This article analyzes the origin, goals, implementation of the MELAP project, and the performance of the Michelbach village as an example, explains the possible effects of endogenous development in activating the spatial potential of inventory space in small towns and rural areas, with a view to explore new ideas and make recommendations for the development of inventory spaces in rural areas of China.


Brief Info of Author(s):

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