DOI: 10.19830/j.upi.2021.115
To Keep “Totality” and “Openness”: An Introduction of the Special Issue “Rereading The Production of Space”

Yang Shan

Keywords: The Production of Space; Totality; Openness; Dialectics of Contradictions; Spatial Contradictions


The article gives an account of the reasons why the special issue “Rereading The Production of Space” is launched. First of all, it is dedicated to memorize the Master, Henri Lefebvre. His classical work The Production of Space has already become the milestone which contemporary urban and spatial research cannot evade. However, misreading and misinterpreting have accompanied with its increasing reputation. Moreover, it is the problematique Lefebvre opens up in his theory and its intrinsic connection to Chinese realistic situation that has the important implication. Unlike other issues of Master anthology, this issue neither limits itself in the sheer discipline category of urban planning and design, nor aims to achieve some standard understandings. It is the totality and openness inherent in Lefebvrian thoughts that determine the characteristics of the issue. Through the research, we hope the urban and spatial research could remain the totality and openness.


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