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Urban and Regional Development in the Global Network(WuHan 2013.11)

Since the latter half of the 20th Century, with the development of world economy and information technology, the world has formed a giant and complex global network consist of capital, finance, information and technology. Each of the components relied and influenced by each other, and together they fostering the world economic development within the network. Country, region and city are the nodes that carry these elements in different layers.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the balance of the global economic landscape was changed due to the changing global political and economic environment, the globalization entered an important phase of adjustment. When facing the economic depress caused by the financial crisis, some developed countries gradually shifted the development thoughts from market dominated to the national intervening. Meanwhile, along with the risen of the emerging developing countries, China can no longer accommodate the newly formed global network by export oriented economy. Thus, Chinese economic structure must be upgraded, from the bottom of the industrial chain to the higher level, from focusing on external demands to domestic demands, from using labor advantage to using technological advantage.

As the carrier of urban economy, region and city to be involved in the global cooperation and competition carries the economic development and industrial upgrading in the new round of globalization. To facilitate the current areal division of labor and the gradient transfer of industry, the urban and regional development should not only consider the international competitiveness, more importantly, a broader domestic market in the regional and municipal level needs to be focused.

Therefore, the Academic Committee of Foreign Studies in Urban Planning (ACoFSUP) and the Journal of Urban Planning International (UPI) will organize their annual conference in Wuhan on November 28-30 of 2013. The theme of the conference is “Urban and Regional Development in the Global Network”. We would like to invite experts, scholars and college students from home and abroad to meet at Wuhan Royal Suites & Towers Hotel in Wuhan to dialogue on this topic.


Time: November 28-30, 2013

Venue: Wuhan Royal Suites & Towers Hotel, Wuhan

Theme: Urban and Regional Development in the Global Network

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Organizers: Academic Committee of Foreign Studies in Urban Planning, the Journal of Urban Planning International, Wuhan Land Resources and Planning Bureau

Hosts:China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Wuhan Planning, Research and Exhibition Center

Contact: Jay WU

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